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5 steps to a great webinar customer experience 5 steps to a great webinar customer experience

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5 steps to a great webinar customer experience

6 Mar 2024 |
Words by Emma Cooper

Webinars are a solid, hard-working member of your HCP engagement toolbox. But with screen fatigue, you need to keep customers engaged. Here are our five steps to great webinar engagement.

In today’s digital age, webinars are a powerful tool for connect with your customers, share valuable information, and provide engaging experiences.

However, simply hosting a webinar is not enough; delivering a great customer experience is crucial for ensuring participant satisfaction, fostering engagement, and achieving your objectives.

A well-executed webinar can leave a lasting impression and build trust in your brand. And we know that they can change prescribing behaviour, too – 48% of our client’s webinar attendees stated that they’re more likely to prescribe following attendance at their promotional webinars.

1. Set the stage with seamless registration and reminders

The customer experience for a webinar begins even before the event itself.

A smooth registration process and effective communication are essential for creating a positive first impression. Provide clear instructions and ensure that the registration process is user-friendly and accessible across various devices – responsiveness is critical in today’s multi-device environment.

Also, make sure you have automated reminders to ensure your delegates remember to attend, including unique links, login details and any joining instructions. For example, we know that certain NHS browsers and firewalls can cause joining issues, so we always recommend the most straightforward way to get online.

This proactive approach demonstrates professionalism, understanding and sets the tone for a well-organised event.

2. Engage with a compelling presentation

Once the webinar begins, the content and delivery style play a crucial role in captivating your audience.

A great customer experience hinges on providing valuable, insightful, and engaging content that resonates with your attendees’ needs and interests.

Ensure that your presentation is visually appealing, with high-quality visuals, clear audio, and a well-structured flow. Additionally, incorporating interactive elements, such as polls, Q&A sessions, and breakout rooms, will encourage active participation and foster a sense of community among attendees.

If you’re worried about technical hitches, our expert events team undertake speaker and technical briefings with all involve, not only testing connections, audio and visual output, but offering suggestions for seamlessly delivery.

And if you think your KOLs could do with some speaker training, our expert speaker workshops combine product and therapy area training, approved slide decks and effective presentation skills to ensure your speakers are compliant and engaging at all times. No-one wants a speaker that ‘goes rogue’.

3. Foster interactivity and engagement

Interactivity is key to creating a memorable webinar experience and it keeps those engagement metrics high.

Encourage attendees to ask questions, share their thoughts, and participate in discussions throughout the session. Allocate dedicated time for Q&A segments and ensure that your presenters are skilled at facilitating dialogue and addressing audience queries effectively.

Consider incorporating gamification elements, such as quizzes or challenges, to maintain engagement and make the experience more enjoyable.

4. Provide valuable takeaways and resources

A great customer experience extends beyond the live event. Offer attendees valuable resources and takeaways that they can refer to and implement after the webinar.

This could include downloadable materials, such as presentation slides, white papers, or case studies, as well as recordings of the webinar itself. Host them on your educational hub and you are positioning yourself as a trusted source of information.

Additionally, consider providing follow-up materials, such as a webinar summary documents to reinforce the learning experience and encourage continued engagement with your brand.

5. Seek feedback and continuously improve

Gathering feedback from attendees is essential for continuously improving the customer experience for future engagement, not only webinars.

Distribute post-event surveys or solicit feedback through other channels to gain insights into what they found useful and what they want to know more about. Analyse the feedback data and cross reference it with your Q&A submissions to identify trends and areas for enhancement. Then use these insights to refine your brand engagement strategy.

Follow these five simple tips to ensure a great customer experience for your webinars. But if you want to take your events to the next level, give us a call – our team works with pharma and health clients every day to maximise customer engagement across all channels – from single webinars to full omnichannel engagement strategies. Put your webinar in our hands and you will be impressed, like our existing customers:

What our clients say:

“You all work so well as a team to produce a polished and smooth event, I knew I was in safe hands.”

“Another great production, perfectly delivered, you are the best and I am so grateful to you and your team for a seamless event.”

“I want perfection and you always step up and deliver it, nothing is ever to much trouble.”

Let us impress you.

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