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Pharma webinar fundamentals – get the basics right for success

9 May 2024 |
Words by Sharon Giddens

Webinars are a key tool in most pharma brand managers’ tactic toolkit, but do they deliver? Senior Account Manager, Sharon Giddens, brings her extensive experience of delivering success pharma webinars to bring you back to basics with pharma webinar fundamentals. Get the basics right and you can’t go wrong.

Delivering an engaging pharma webinar requires tailoring your approach to meet the unique needs and interests of your audience. But before you start to get inside the heads of your HCPs, you need to understand the basics of planning and delivering an effective webinar.

The requirement

Understand what you want to achieve from your webinar, is it to educate your audience, are you looking for an action or output from it, is it purely promotional or does it have multiple objectives? Is this format right for your audience? The webinar needs to form part of your marketing strategy rather than be the result of a knee jerk reaction to get a message to your customer.

The message

The webinar needs to be topical, engaging with an enticing agenda and recognised key opinion leaders that offer the viewers real value in return for their time. HCPs have little time to educate themselves and want quality information provided in a format that suits them, at a time that is convenient. Whether that’s something that’s trending in the therapy area or results of a new clinical trial or an emerging treatment, a tailored topical webinar provides real value to your audience and ensures a high attendance rate.

The promotion

When promoting your webinar, think about the channels that your HCPs engage with to get your message out there. This could be through a targeted mailing list, 3rd party organisations, charities or at trade events, through your sales team or your own segmented database. You can even do it compliantly via social media. However you plan to get your message out there, it needs to be targeted to ensure the right HCPs are accessing the information.

The platform

There are various platforms available for webinar delivery, think about the type of output you require, the functionality and the quality before you proceed. Are you looking for a highly polished output that is vision mixed with inbuilt functionality for polling, handouts and full analytical reporting for larger national delivery or something simpler that you may want your sales team to have more control over and take responsibility for? We excel in high quality delivery whatever the scale of your event, and have partnerships with leading delivery platforms to ensure we select the most appropriate solution for your needs.

The technical briefing

Testing the technology well before broadcast with your speakers is essential to delivering a seamless webinar. This will iron out anything that is likely to crop up well in advance, whether that be poor WiFi, sound or audio connection, a garish background or noisy pets. This is worth its weight in gold and also gives you the opportunity to chat with your speakers and answer any of their concerns before the night.

If you haven’t met our production team, they are second to none for ensuring your broadcast runs smoothly – I bet they have some stories to tell, too!

The presentation

The slide deck for your webinar needs to be as interactive as possible to keep your audience engaged throughout. You could try embedded videos, interactive polls, slide builds, animations, handout links to other content and live audience Q&As to name a few. The content needs to be clear, on brand and not overly complicated or heavy on the eye. It is also worth having a chair for your webinars to ensure it runs to time and also to allow a natural conversation to flow during the broadcast. The chair can also facilitate the Q&A session and pick the key questions being asked by your audience.

The output

Ensure your webinar is recorded to make use of this amazing content again on-demand and in shorter soundbites and mini clips for omnichannel use. Our content team also love taking webinars and creating summary documents, Q&A resources and more. By sweating your assets, you really make the most of your content and give your audience different ways to consume it.

The follow up

Take the time to book in a follow up with your speakers to see how they feel it went and potentially identify gaps in the content or an opportunity to cover other areas in future webinars. The audience questions often have a few golden nuggets for you to build on for future webinars.

Consider running an ‘Ask the Experts’ session or ‘Your Questions Answered’ session to capture these questions in a series to keep your audience interested.

Take the time to follow up with your registrants too, offer on-demand access, certificates, further content or information on upcoming webinars to keep the interaction going.

The results

Finally, review the analytics, registrations and conversion rates to determine if the webinar met your objectives, did the message hit the right tone?

When we surveyed the attendees of a client’s webinar, 48% said they more likely to prescribe following attendance – that’s a KPI we like to stand by.

Effective webinars require planning, practice, good delivery skills, and robust technology, at The Studio we deliver all of this and more. Our commitment is your success.

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