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The brand manager’s digital toolkit

1 Mar 2024 |
Words by Emma Hedges

Support your digitally enabled customers face to face with a brand manager’s digital toolkit.

Your customers’ expectations are high; do you have the tools to support your digitally enabled customers at your next face to face meeting?

Shifting interactions need dynamic tools. Since we transitioned from face to face interactions with hard copy leave pieces with some digital to support, to an integrated hybrid environment, with a mix of in-person engagement in clinic supported by digital content, you need the harness the dynamism of digital.

Healthcare professionals want to be contacted in the most convenient way for them, with the information that is most relevant to who they are, where they sit in the prescribing lifecycle and their priorities.

In the main this is digital-first. But how does that work in-person?

A digital toolkit will equip you with everything you need to ensure your customers have the information they want however they’re interacting with your brand.

Why a digital toolkit?

There are many reasons to invest in creating a digital toolkit.

Firstly, you are maximising your assets. You’ve spent years developing quality, digital output, but when it’s on a laptop or iPad without Wi-Fi, it’s harder to convey in-person.

With a digital toolkit you can give all clinicians the same level of experience whether meeting in person or virtually. Be consistent, be confident, be informed.

Digitally share information, capture email addresses, update preferences and data consents with a simple conversation, whether you’re discussing clinical data or your latest resource.

With a digital toolkit, the ultimate goal is to reach more customers with your key messages and capture that all-important data from a single conversation.

There’s no need to leave them with a leaflet or ask them to visit your website when they have 5 minutes to spare. Invite them to receive relevant information for them and their patients using their mobile device.

Want to share your latest video, research, patient case studies? Send it straight across, let them scan a QR code and it’s there on their device for reading now or later – and pop a data capture in front of it and you can gather consents or update preferences.

Any tools you use with customers can be included in your digital toolkit, and if you’re not sure where to start, we can help.

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